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Final Meeting of Fall 2008!

*Main Room Schedule (2650 Humanities):*
6:00-6:50 Episodes 22, 23of Outlaw Star
7:00-8:15 Episodes 24, 25 and 26 of Outlaw Star
8:15-8:45 Card Games! Bring 'em and we play them!
8:45-9:40 Episodes 22, 23 of Hell Girl
9:50-11:00 Episodes 24, 25 and 26 of Hell Girl

December 13th will be the final meeting of the semester!
Once again, we will be rushing through 5 episodes of each
series to the end.

Meeting December 5

*Main Room Schedule (2650 Humanities):*
6:00-6:50 Episodes 17,18 of Outlaw Star
7:00-8:15 Episodes 19, 20 and 21 of Outlaw Star
8:15-8:45 Org Meeting - Voting System Discussion. Come and chat away. 
Focus: OAV Voting
8:45-9:40 Episodes 17, 18 of Hell Girl
9:50-11:00 Episodes 19,20 and 21 of Hell Girl
Remember, we're showing 5 episodes of each series in order to finish the series in time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope everybody is having a good time with good food and friends and family :) .
Of course, we won't be meeting this Saturday (11/29).
We will be having an Org meeting on December 6th to discuss voting,
specifically what we should do about fitting OAV's into the equation.

Student Org Meeting 11/15

Attention: Student Org Meeting 11/15

*not the 22nd as in the email, unless otherwise noted (we may have 2 org meetings)

From Tyler Tucker (President):
This weekend is our UW-Anime Club Org Meeting. Our focus upcoming 
activities, discussing getting people keyed for the AV system, thoughts
on our voting system and anything else people would like to discuss. I
would strongly suggest that people from the Alt.Room attend this meeting
due to an incident last weekend so I will be closing down Alt.Room from
8PM until 8:45PM.
Alt.Room (1641 Humanities): We have nothing planned. NOTE: From 8PM to 
8:45PM the Alt.Room will be CLOSED. See above in Org Meeting notes for
the reason.

Viewing Schedule (11/15/08)

*Main Room Schedule (2650 Humanities):*
6:00PM - Episodes 9 and 10 of Outlaw Star**
6:50 - Break
7:05 - Episodes 11 and 12 of Outlaw Star
8:00 - Social Time: UW-Anime Club Organization Meeting (Note: Alt.Room
will be closed during this time)
9:00 - Episodes 9 and 10 of Hell Girl
9:50 - Break
10:05 - Episodes 11 and 12 of Hell Girl
11:00 - End
**NOTE: We will be watching Outlaw Star in the English Dub Uncut version. Hell Girl will be shown in Japanese with english Subbtitles, as usual.


We're always looking for more UW-Madison students/faculty/staff to come join our club. Our goal is maintain a fun and safe environment for UW-Madison students to enjoy anime and manga. We strive to keep our attendance at 75% student membership as per University of Wisconsin-Madison requirements for a Student Organization. In addition, all leadership positions are held by UW-Madison students.

We meet: Saturdays, 6pm-11pm, Mosse Humanities Building, Rooms #2650 (Viewings) & #1641 (Alt.Room).
Recent series that have been voted in are:
Outlaw Star (6pm-8pm)
                             Hell Girl (9pm-11pm)
Social Time is regularly held at 8pm-9pm. We play games and discuss anime. Please post your ideas for Social time and Alt.Room on the UW Anime Club Forums: 
Please NOTE: inorder to sign up for the forums you need a UW-Madison email account, or else please contact Tyler at the club meeting. Also check out our website at:

Here's where you'll find our Charter, a list of series, OVA's, movies we've watched over the years (the in it's current incarnation has been around since 2000), a link to our forums, and much more.