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New Shows and the Return of the Dreamcast!

From our Fearocratic Leader:

"Greetings Anime Club

The semester is progressing rapidly. There's only 3 weeks left after tomorrow (remember, we're skipping Thanksgiving weekend).
This week we have episodes 17&18 of & Utawarermono, 5&6 of Coyote Ragtime Show and 9-13 of Ghost Hunt. Why 5 episodes of the last one? My reasons are many and complicated. Ultimately it's so the weekly showing line up with the arcs better.

Basic Schedule:
6:00-6:50pm Utawarerumono episodes 17&18
6:50-7:00pm Break
7:00-7:50pm Coyote Ragtime Show 5&6
8:00-9:00pm Social Time Dreamcast's Revenge
9:00-9:50pm Ghost Hunt 9&10
9:50-10:00pm Break
10:00-11:00pm Ghost Hunt 11&12&13

For those who don't remember, when we had the Halloween showing, I brought in the Dreamcast and tried to get some games going. All that I got to work was Chu Chu; Rocket, which is crazy but not crazy fun. I've since conducted some ancient electrical rites and made it work better. Find out if I was successful;l during social time.

That's all for this week,
-Chris Bain, Fearocratic leader - UW Anime Club"

I know Daishocon is this week, and especially a lot of the Geek.Kon crew will be there. Hope to see you all next week!